Almost everything is ready at the Pordenone Fair for the third edition of B come Bimbo, the event dedicated to children and families scheduled in the Pordenone trade fair area on 12, 13 and 14 April 2013. This is an innovative format, a half between fair and festival, which combines commercial stands and a very rich program of educational and creative workshops, informative meetings, games and big events.

A child-friendly fair but which, this year in particular, also proposes numerous initiatives dedicated to adults: parents, teachers, pediatricians, students and professionals working in the field of childhood. The “Mamma & Papà Workshop” space has been designed for them with scheduled thematic meetings with experts ready to give advice on education, health and children’s growth.

Numerous in-depth health analyzes are planned: airway clearance techniques in newborns and small children, the vademecum to deal with some common symptoms of child suffering and possible emergencies, the role of the pediatrician to promote positive parenting, the advantage of breast milk.

The relationship between parents and children and advice on the game, especially with a view to natural well-being, this is another of the strands of B’s ​​workshops like Bimbo: expert educators will talk about the importance of spontaneous play in a natural environment to discover and rediscover pleasure to meet with children and families in the pursuit of a low-speed life, even by simply working all together in the home garden. All this without forgetting the role of digital technologies increasingly present in the world of children: B as Bimbo you can learn as “USALE, not to be used!” Through a responsible and correct use of computers and electronic devices.

And to put these tips into practice and play with their children right away, parents can participate in workshops to learn how to build puppets with simple and colorful materials or to tell fairy tales well.
The main event was the meeting with Paolo Crepet on Friday 12 April at 8.45 pm in the Sala Zuliani on the original theme: “Serenity in the family … is a holiday enough? How to live the time of crisis without losing happiness “.

Family well-being can also pass through a rethinking of domestic spaces, leaving children’s imagination free rein, especially to reinvent the areas dedicated to play: this is also an opportunity to experience one’s own autonomy and free creativity. At the Arrex – Pad.4 dream home stand, children will be able to design a home just as they want it to be able to do whatever they want without limits or rules! All the drawings are collected and displayed to B as Bimbo for the entire duration of the event and then published on the website www.bcomebimbo.com www.arrex.it. The best designers / dreamers will also receive a beautiful prize offered by “Arrex”!

Ludopathy, the disease of gambling: the symptoms and tips for treating it

The definition of gambling addiction
On the website of the Ministry of Health, to give a definition of the Pathology , we read that the gambling addiction is “the inability to resist the impulse to gamble or to make bets, despite the individual who is affected being aware that this can lead to serious consequences ”.

The risk to which the gambler may incur, in fact, is not only the uncontrolled loss of his economic resources (and / or family resources) but also of putting aside normal daily activities (such as study and work) and his own Dear. Moreover, in the most extreme cases, compulsive gambling illness can even lead to suicide .
This is why the State, through the bill dated 09/13/2012 n. 1958 (art. 5), provides for levels ofassistance , with reference to prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services for people affected by gambling addiction.

The State, however, must be honest, is a sort of two-faced Janus: because on the one hand it recognizes the gambling addiction as a serious illness while on the other it grants too many concessions to gambling houses, even hammering on television with lottery promotions – between which the very famous Scratch and Win .


Log in to your Personal Health Area and enter your details: every week you will receive free advice tailored to you by doctors Symptoms of gambling addiction Given this premise, even the gambling addiction, like any other disease, presents symptoms. However, there are those who call it hidden because there are no obvious physical signs such as, for example, with drugs or alcohol .

However, to understand if the game is a problem, the advice is to answer these questions:

Are you absent from work or university to play?
Games to escape from a boring or unhappy life?
When you play and stay without money, do you feel lost and desperate and need to play as soon as possible?
Do you play until you have lost your last cent, even the price of the bus ticket to go home or the cost of a cup of coffee?
Have you ever lied to hide the amount of money or time spent playing?
Have the others ever criticized the fact that you play?
Have you ever lied, stolen or borrowed money just to get the money to play or to pay gambling debts?
Are you reluctant to spend “game money” on anything else?
Have you lost interest in your family, friends or pastimes?
After losing, do you feel that you have to try to win back as much as you lost as soon as possible?
Do quarrels, frustrations or disappointments make you want to play more?
Do you feel depressed or want to commit suicide because of your game?
The more questions you answer positively, the more likely it is to be connected to serious gambling problems, so help is needed