Problem Gambling Founders of New Zealand

Are you a New Zealander with a gambling addiction? If so then it’s important to consider the Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand. It all starts with knowing what the foundation is all about and what it can offer you.

The goal of the founders is to protect and support people, families, and communities who are vulnerable because of gambling problems. So social justice is one of the keys to the foundation’s goals. It believes that a just society gives people equal access to benefits/opportunities. In addition, communities have equal opportunity and rights. The foundation’s vision includes the health/resilience of families and communities.

The foundation focuses on families/communities since social structures are society’s foundations and critical for health/wellbeing. The foundation’s vision sees health in a holistic way that includes people’s physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual being.

Then there’s resilience. It’s part of the vision since all people, families, and communities must deal with challenges. Resilience is needed to get through the tough times. Meanwhile, there’s also the key concept that whatever benefits are achieved through the foundation won’t be good enough if the benefits are experienced equally.

So how did it all start? The Problem Gambling Founders of New Zealand (PGFNZ) is a national and non-profit organization that’s mostly founded by the country’s ministry of health. It’s also received funds from the gambling tax.

PGFNZ is the biggest provider of single treatments for gambling addiction in the Australasia. It includes over 60 staff members, about a dozen branch offices, and several satellite offices located around New Zealand. The counsellors provide free and professional counselling services for gamblers and people affected by gambling addiction. There’s also a Public Health team that works on gambling issues in communities via the approach of health promotion.

The PGF Asian Family Services also offer counselling/advice in various languages. They include Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese. This helps to make sure non-English speakers can also get help with their gambling addiction when it’s needed.

The PGFNZ started as the Compulsive Gambling Society (CGS) about three decades ago in 1988 via funding from the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board. A famous psychiatrist helped a few men who were having problems with gambling addiction launch the CGS. During that time there weren’t any services available to help people with gambling problems.

CGS began as a phone service and was the first of its type when it launched as a global