Gaining Support

How to Get Support for Gambling

Do you have a gambling addiction? If so then you might be wondering how to get support for gambling. There are many sources but here are some of the best options:

National Clinics

This is another great source of support for gambling addicts. They can be financially supported by public or private companies/organizations. They can offer various types of treatment like cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). Such treatment can provide a wide variety of benefits including helping you to achieve your goal of kicking your habit.

One of the keys to these organizations is they’re often based on some of the latest and greatest research involving gambling addiction. This, in turn, can help to produce faster results, which is certainly something you’ll want to do. As with other research areas, the work done to combat addictions like gambling are constantly evolving.

Sometimes there’s also a referral service. This allows you to refer yourself or someone you know who has an addiction problem. You can also take this step anonymously, which can be a plus for anyone who wants to deal with their addiction in a private way.

Gamblers Anonymous

This organization takes a similar approach to addiction as Alcoholics Anonymous. It can provide support, help, and friendship. One of the key features of GA is everything that’s said within the group is confidential. In addition, the group members are also only referred to by their first name. This is another way the group members can remain anonymous.

When you’re getting help for your gambling addiction it’s often important to keep the issue private. This is especially true if you’re a private person by nature and wouldn’t want others to know that you’re getting help for your addiction.

There are various ways you can communicate with your support group. They include an online chat room. There’s also an Internet quiz that can help to determine whether or not you’re a compulsive gambler. If it turns out you are then it’s definitely time to consider getting help with your addiction as quickly as possible.


You can find various charities that provide info, advice, help, counselling, support, etc. to help deal with the effects of gambling addiction. Anyone with a gambling addiction can communicate with a counselor/advisor. This can be through various channels like phone, email, chat, etc.

Sometimes there’s also face-to-face counselling available in big cities or even throughout the country. This is a great feature because this type of counselling can be one of the most effective types. For example, it’s much easier to be open and honest about an addiction when you’re talking to someone in the real world instead of through digital channels. The latter can be more convenient but also make it easier to not be 100% honest with the other party.

Another benefit of such charities is they sometimes also offer help for the gambling addict’s family. This is a plus since families can also be greatly affected by their loved one’s addiction.

These are some of the best options if you want to find the best methods about how to get support for gambling.