How Gambling Destroys Families

Unfortunately, the most affected victim of gambling is families. Family members that do not even know how to gamble are getting all the hit from this activity. If only one member from the family gambles, that can still wreck everything.

How gambling destroys families’ finances

Uncontrolled gambling may take a huge toll on the family’s financial status. Gambling all of the money that is supposed to be for electric bills, school projects, mortgage, other utilities, and regular expenses is normal for people with gambling addiction.

The difficulties that this causes include:

  • Unending phone calls from collectors
  • Drained bank accounts
  • New loan applications
  • Gadgets, jewelry, and valuable items going missing
  • Major assets, like vehicles and the house, are either repossessed or foreclosed
  • Mounting debts

Financial stability is one of the first things that can destroy families’ welfare and future.

How gambling affects families’ relationship

The tension and stress that gamblers feel can jeopardise the family’s harmonious and happy relationship.

  • The family members cannot trust the gambler anymore
  • The family members do not feel secure
  • The family members start to fear their future

Gambling may lead gamblers to lie, not come home, and abuse their family members. Isolation is common. Gamblers choose gambling over spending time with their families.

How gambling affects families’ intimacy

A non-gambling spouse will only feel hatred and anger toward their gambling spouse. On the other hand, the gambler will think of nothing but the chase for more money.

Violence around the house

As the tension escalates at a risky pace, the emotional outbursts and arguments will eventually end in violence. When the gambler feels like he or she is being interrogated or cornered, violence will be their way out. And when one is experiencing tension and stress from gambling, they will might vent all of these intense feelings to the children.

Violence will remain in the family and may be worsened if the gambling is not eliminated or controlled.

Families falling apart is rather common when one member gambles. If family is important to you, you have to assess yourself on your attachment to this vice. If you are losing control and do not know how to handle it, consult a professional.