Gambling Abuse Symptoms And Signals

Contrary to what is most believed, gambling is not only limited to just slot machines, casinos, and cards. It can be as simple as purchasing lottery tickets, joining raffles, and even making a minimal bet with friends.

Gambling abuse can happen when someone feels that he or she is in deep financial issue and the only way his or her problem will be solved is to gamble for more money. This attempt will turn into to a cycle and becomes habitual, and the urge to win back the money lost becomes a regular activity.

Gambling Abuse Signals

There are ways that you can say that someone is experiencing gambling abuse. The signals can be observed by the person suffering from this disorder or by people around him or her.

  • The person starts to be secretive and reserved about his or her gambling
  • The victim cannot control his or her gambling
  • Even when the person cannot afford to gamble anymore, he or she doesn’t stop
  • People around them, particularly family and friends, start to express their worries about their gambling habits

The most obvious sign is that the person cannot control him or herself. If the person feels that he or she needs to try one more time, or there is a feeling of anxiousness every time he or she tries to stop, the person can be experiencing gambling abuse.

If you or are a loved one are experiencing these symptoms, seek professional help.

Emotional Symptoms

If you are experiencing gambling abuse, you might also feel:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Suicidal

If you have lost all of your assets and money, it can be devastating. You might feel hopeless and desperate. But instead of giving in to impulses, seek help from someone. You can get out of this cycle and build up your funds.

Physical Symptoms

Yes, gambling abuse can be reflected on the physical appearance of the person. Since it can cause anxiety and depression, physical signs might be weight loss, dark circles around the eyes, bags under the eyes, acne, or ashen skin.

As said earlier, seek help immediately. It’s best to nip something like this in the bud before it gets worse. If you have been dealing with this for an extended period of time, absolutely call a doctor.