Help for Gambling Addiction

Gambling is an addiction just like drugs, alcohol, or smoking. Just like these three examples, gambling can take its toll on your physical, mental, and emotional health, as well as your wallet. Gambling addiction is a sickness, and there are places that can help the addiction. There are doctors in New Zealand who can help you control or eliminate the addiction. These offices also offer help to those who have been affected by the gambling.

Every single facility and program has a different way of doing things, such as with treatment plans. Doing some research to understand what each program will entail is often the best way to get the best personalised care.

Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand:

These clinics provide support for gamblers and their loved ones, because to them, family and social relationships are the most important factor in dealing with any addiction. They also look at all aspects of health, including mental and spiritual, and promote resilience when dealing with tougher times. The foundations also offer counseling services that encourage goal setting and recognising potential bad behaviours that can lead to or worsen a gambling habit. The counselling is also free, confidential, and is available face-to-face, by phone, and in several different languages.

Gambling Helpline in New Zealand:

This phone call helpline is a free service that can assist people who suffer from or are affected by gambling problems, along with a service to the public that gives them information about the effects of gambling on New Zealand. The helpline can also refer you to centres and programs that can get you more in-depth solutions to your problem. However, upon your call, they will listen to you, offer up strategies, provide future support, and help you lay out a plan for the future.

The Salvation Army Oasis:

The Salvation Army recognises the effects of harmful gambling and gives counseling and support to not just change your life and help you defeat the addiction, but to also deal with related issues. They also offer group and educational therapy, as well as referrals and references to other addiction help groups and crisis management services to further support you in the struggle against addiction. They have free and confidential counseling and therapy available both over the phone and in-person.

All of these programs, along with many more in New Zealand, can help you or someone you love with their gambling addiction. The important thing is to recognise that gambling is just as self-destructive as any other problem, and it can be treated as an addiction. Start with a plan and support, and end with a fuller and happier life.