Everything to Know about the History of Gambling

Are you a fan of gambling? If so then you might want to learn about the history of gambling. In fact, some of the histories of the popular pastime might be surprising.

World’s First Evidence of Gambling

It could be argued that gambling probably is about as old as human history what’s important is solid evidence of the earliest types of gambling. That originates from Ancient China. That’s where old tiles were dug up that seem to be related to some super-old game of chance. In addition, the “Book of Songs” from China refers to the “drawing of wood” that the tiles could be used for some kind of lottery.

There’s also evidence that a kind of lottery was used during about 200 BC to fund state projects. That could include the building of the Great Wall of China.

World’s First Dice Games

If you like games like Craps then you also might be wondering how they all got started. According to the Greek poet, Sophocles dice were invented by a hero during a siege on Troy. There are some question marks if this actually happened but the writings from about 500 BC were Greece’s first mention of dice.

There’s evidence that dice actually existed much earlier than that date. That’s because a pair of dice were found in an Egyptian tomb dating back to 3000 BC. However, what’s clear is the ancient Greeks/Romans certainly loved all types of gambling and it almost seemed they gambled whenever they had the chance.

How bad was gambling addiction in the ancient world? Dice games and other types of gambling were all forbidden in Rome. In addition, the penalty imposed on people caught was 4x the amount of money they were betting.

This resulted in ancient Romans inventing the world’s first gambling chips. So if gamblers were caught they could just say they were just playing for chips instead of real money.

World’s First Playing Cards

If you’re a fan of games like poker and blackjack then you might wonder how it all got started. Most historians agree that the Chinese used the world’s first playing cards. That was during the 800s. Unfortunately, it’s unclear what the rules were for the card game. Some experts believe that the cards were used for both playing the game as well as the stake. It would be like trading card games played today including Pokemon.

Another theory is the first card games were sued for Chinese domino. Regardless of how the first playing cards were used it’s clear they were important in the history of gambling. They eventually led to the current 52-card decks used today by gamblers throughout the world.

World’s First Casinos

The first “casinos” appeared in Italy. They were technically gambling houses that could be compared to modern casinos. They first appeared in Italy during the early 1600s. One example was the Ridotto that was established in 1638. It was established to provide a gambling environment that was controlled. This was during the yearly carnival season.