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Key Information on Gambling

Are you looking for some information on gambling? Gambling has been around for thousands of years and while it’s changed greatly in some ways it’s remained the same. Here’s some interesting information on gambling:

Gambling is more than a game in Las Vegas

Macau is no the world’s largest gambling city but Las Vegas is still a major player in the industry. An interesting stat is over 85% of people who live in Las Vegas deal with gambling in one way or another. This often is the case even if they don’t gamble themselves.

Drinks are often on the house (for a reason)

An interesting fact is alcoholic drinks are often free in major casinos. The goal is to prevent gamblers from playing their A game and make bad decisions. This, in turn, improves the house’s edge and bottom line. Any serious gambler will tell you that gambling and drinks don’t mix if you want to maximize your chance of winning.

Theft sky-rocketed in Atlantic City

There’s a big debate about whether or not legalized gambling causes crime to increase in the area. An interesting case is Atlantic City. The first casino appeared in the New Jersey city in 1978. However, during the first 15 years casinos existed there theft increased by nearly 500%. It should be noted that there’s no guarantee that crime will skyrocket in a city/town when gambling is legalized, but it certainly did in Atlantic City.

Casinos offer near-win games

These include blackjack and slot machines. Keep in mind that regardless of what you hear or read the house always has an edge. It’s easy for players to get excited when they almost win since it gives them hope the outcome will be different during the next game. This isn’t to say you can’t beat the house but the odds are literally stacked against you.

Big casinos are designed like mazes

If you’ve noticed that large casinos are often designed like mazes it probably isn’t a mistake. One theory is they’re designed that way, so people get confused when walking around the casino. This will encourage them to gamble more to pass the time until they get to their destination. It’s basically why alcoholic drinks are often free in casinos.

A Royal Flush is super rare

If you’re a poker fan then you already know that getting a royal flush is quite tough. However, you might be surprised by how difficult it is to get. The odds are 1:649,740. So if you end up getting a royal flush while playing poker you should definitely try to maximize your winnings since the chance of getting another one is quite low.

Most gambling addicts become criminals

It’s worth noting that the figure isn’t 100%. However, it turns out two-thirds of gambling addicts become criminals within the time in order to fund their habit. Like other addictions when someone is addicted to gambling it causes them to become consumed with it. This highlights the importance of dealing with gambling addiction in an effective way to prevent such situations from happening.